Rail Trail Bridge Over Railroad Installed…Lions Donate Bench

A major step forward on Phase III of the Belton Rail Trail was completed in August when the bridge over the railroad tracks was installed.  The bridge was manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions.  Installation was handled by a number of local entities, including Earth Materials, Anderson County and Wilson Brothers.  Work will continue on asphalting the remainder of the trail and continuing the trail under the highway bridge on North Main Street and continuing it to Leda Poore Park.  Additional lights and landscaping will be added along with a new Belton, South Carolina sign along the trail entering town on North Main Street.  Grants from the Timken Foundation and the Craft Family Foundation have funded Phase III of the project.  Industrial Maintenance Services (Kevin Craft) and Earth Movers (Michael and Lee Gilreath) have continued to provide labor and equipment at no charge.

The truck arrives at Leda Poore Park with the 39′ bridge
The crane moves into position
The crane moves the bridge into position
The crane lowers the bridge
The crane lowers the bridge into position
The bridge is in position
Workers secure the bridge to the foundation over the railroad tracks
The bridge is installed


The concrete pad is installed on the bridge deck
Looking from the north edge of the bridge down to the railroad tracks


Earlier this year the Belton Lions Club donated a bench along Phase I of the Rail Trail close to exercise equipment near Terry Martin Field.  The Lions Club is the first community civic organization to provide support to the Belton Alliance in their efforts to complete the trail.

Bench near Terry Martin Field donated by the Belton Lions Club
Plaque installed by the bench acknowledging the Belton Lions Club’s gift

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