Belton Alliance


The Belton Alliance is a non-profit organization established to work with public, private and civic entities to promote economic growth and quality of life in the Belton area.  The mailing address is PO Box 111, Belton, SC 29627.  The Alliance is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of the following individuals:

2020 Officers

President Kevin Craft

Vice President Gene Jameson

Treasurer Rex Maynard

Secretary Richard Dorn

Immediate Past President Greg Tysl

2020 Board Members

Jan Bratcher

Joseph Brice

Richard Dorn, Jr.

Michael Gilreath

Patrick O’Dell

Tony Saville

Larandas Yeargin

John Neel

Tony Robinson

Nathan Brown

Ex Officio Board Members

Ray Graham, Anderson County Council

Tiffany Ownbey, City of Belton Mayor

Alan Sims, City of Belton Administrator

Jay West, South Carolina House of Representatives

To build a better and brighter Belton, the Belton Alliancehas five strategic priorities:

1. Economic Development
The Belton Alliance works with city and county officials to encourage economic development and growth in the area. This includes an inventory of existing and potential manufacturing, industrial and retail properties. Efforts will also be made to secure investments for spec buildings and to upgrade abandoned buildings and improve parking in and around The Square.

2. Belton Area Revitalization
The Belton Alliance encourages beautification and revitalization throughout the Belton community. This includes The Square, gateways to the city and much more. The Alliance encourages revitalization and maintenance of existing properties and upgrades to the city’s aesthetics and image.

3. Outreach and Web Presence
The Belton Alliance promotes all that Belton has to offer through a professionally designed and maintained website ( and social media. The website and Facebook will focus on a community calendar, economic development and living in and visiting Belton.

4. Promotions and Events
The Belton Alliance promotes and markets community activities and events to further enrich the quality of life in our area. Efforts will be made to support and enhance existing events and encourage new activities to promote the Belton area and help us tell “our story.”

5. Organizations, Boards, Committees
This priority focuses on the Belton Alliance Board of Directors, committees and members….all necessary and important parts that are essential to carry out the work and reach the goals of the four strategic priorities outlined above.

Download Belton Alliance Bylaws PDF

Memberships are available at the following annual dues:

Retail & Service: $75
Property Owners: $75
Manufacturing & Industrial: $75
Churches: $50
Non Profit Organizations: $50
– Gold $25
– Silver $50
– Platinum $100

Download Membership Application