Spanish Culture Exhibitions

The Belton Center for the Arts and the Belton Area Museum Association are featuring Spanish culture on their new 2018 exhibits as part of the Anderson International Fesival Mucho Gusto, Espana!

  • Los Dos Amigos artwork at the Center for the Arts
  • Las Artes Decorativas:  The Art and Artifact of Spain

Los Dos Amigos inspired by Dali & Picasso celebrating Spanish artwork will be presented by the Belton Center for the Arts.  The Dali & Picasso exhibit will challenge the limits of reality with imaginative works inspired by absurd and fantastical works of Spanish artists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.  The exhibit will continue during normal Center for the Arts hours (Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 until 5:30) through February 17.

Las Artes Decorativas:  The Art and Artifacts of Spain features furniture, coins, jewelry, tiles, metalwork, textiles, and artwork with Spanish origins.  Featuring handcrafts from various regions of Spain, the collection of secular and religious artifacts will show the varied influences…Moorish,Flemish,and Italian…that make Spanish decorative arts unique.  Artifacts from Spain’s storied past is also included in the exhibit.  See items from the time Rome ruled Spain, and most of Europe, to the era when Spain ruled much of the New World.  The exhibit will remain open during normal museum hours (Wednesdays thru Fridays 9:00 to 2:00 and Saturdays 9:00 to 1:00) through April 14.

The Anderson International Festival was founded in Anderson, S. C.  in 2006 and is a biennial festival featuring films, exhibits, performances, lectures and much more designed to foster a deeper understanding of international culture.

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