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Argo and Associates

Businesses and individuals in our community have looked to Argo and Associates to help meet their financial accounting needs for over 40 years.  That is why the Belton Alliance honors them by being named this quarter’s Belton Alliance Star Business.

Argo & Associates was established in 1974. Over the years the firm has grown in many ways,  from the number of services the company provides to the number of clients they provide these services to, making sure that the company grows with their clients to continue to meet their needs.

“The use of technology and accounting programs that are upgraded and adapted to our current times also allows us to keep our promise of providing quality and timely services to our clients,” said Mendell Key, a partner in the firm.

The firm is comprised of 17 people: three partners (Joe Argo, Varada Ogale, and Mendell Key), four CPA’s, five accountants, two bookkeepers and payroll specialists, two administrative support personnel, and one marketing agent.

This highly qualified team assists clients in fulfilling their financial and  business goals. Argo and Associates provides a wealth of services including tax advisory and management, bookkeeping and budgeting, audits, payroll accounts, compensation planning, Quickbooks management, business licenses, mergers and acquisitions, and succession planning.

“Being a full-service accounting firm, we provide a multitude of services for individuals and businesses,” stated partner Joe Argo.  “However, if there is a service a client may need that we do not typically provide, we do our best to fulfill those needs. This can include learning how to provide a new service or reaching out to a third party which can help us help our client.”

Argo and Associates is a member of CPA Connect, an association of similarly sized CPA firms across the United States.

“So if we don’t provide the service or have experience in a particular area, we can usually find a qualified firm who can. We like to say that we are bigger than we look,” Argo added.

And providing client services is just one part of the company’s outlook.  Argo and Associates has also been a key supporter in both philanthropic and one-on-one assistance to the Belton community.

“Being a part of a community means that we get involved and give back by supporting the needs of the community, such as sponsoring exhibits at the museum or art center or serving on committees. It also means seeing clients at church, at social events and the grocery store, stopping to chat for a while and sometimes even answering the ‘quick question’ someone may have,” Mendell Key, a Belton native, said.

“It also means helping friends and neighbors with financial issues that would be challenging if they had to handle them alone,” he added.

Even though there is no Belton office as in the past, Argo and Associates still works side by side with those individuals and businesses located in the Belton community.

“They still are a priority for this firm and continue to receive the same close attention and quality of service. Belton has a lot of great people and great businesses;  it is a key part of our success and we love it when people give us referrals,” said partner Varada Ogale.

The business is located at 303 E. Calhoun Street in Anderson.  Individuals and businesses are encouraged to reach out by phone at 864-226-7202 or go to www. to check out services or to make inquiries.

“We look forward to helping the Belton community maintain financial health and peace of mind in the present while taking a proactive approach to achieving future goals,” commented Key.

Belton Alliance congratulates Argo and Associates as the Business of the Quarter.

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