Business of the Month

Palmetto Family Chiropractic

Dr. Jarod Haggard believes in affordable quality health care for the whole family.  As the owner and main health care provider of one of Belton’s chiropractic clinics, he prides himself on offering treatments that improve the health and well being of his patients.

Palmetto Family Chiropractic opened in 2003.  In 2017, due to the growth of the practice, the office moved to a larger facility next door, previously State Farm Insurance office, to accommodate more patients.

Most of the practice consists of family care but car accident cases are also accepted for treatment. Dr. Haggard treats patients with a combination of chiropractic adjustments of the spine with other treatments such as disc decompression, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, roller table and several pain-relieving creams and oils such as Biofreeze Professional Strength and premium brands of CBD products.

“We always keep up with new information through participating in continuing education classes and seminars. One of the patients’ favorite treatments covered in one of these continuing ed classes involves a chiropractic technique for lower back pain–the gentle traction treatment of lower back conditions including bulging and herniated discs,” said Dr. Haggard.

Patients come first in Dr. Haggard’s eyes.  “We always spend quality time with our patients. I try to give 15-20 minutes of ‘hands on time’ with more time available with other therapies,” he said.

As a hometown boy, Dr. Haggard wanted to move back to Belton to open his practice.  “Growing up in Belton, I wanted to see the town thrive again,” he said.  “That’s why I opened my practice in my hometown.”

If interested in chiropractic treatment, please call for an appointment at 864-338-4744.  When you call in, Katie Cothran and DeAnna Webb will be glad to help you.   Or just drop by to visit at the location on 1406 Anderson Street.

“By providing quality and affordable health care for our community, Dr. Jarod Haggard of Palmetto Family Chiropractic is adding to the economic strength and wellness of our community,” said Rex Maynard, Belton Alliance Treasurer.

“That’s why we are happy to celebrate his practice as this quarter’s Business Partner Spotlight,” Maynard added.

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