Business of the Month

On the Grind

Many people kept saying that what Belton needed was a good coffee house, and in March of 2022, café lattes and tasty pastries made their debut at On the Grind on the north end of the square.

After that auspicious opening, a year and a half later in August of 2023, Grace McGuffin and her husband Thomas Neilson purchased the business and have striven to make changes that reflected their tastes and  which have adapted to the needs of the community.

“I was a long-time employee at On the Grind (OTG) before we bought the place. It has been so rewarding seeing the growth and change from all that I learned from the previous owners and being able to apply it to the business, and make it into my own. I’ve seen our regular customers stay and support us and I’ve also seen a lot of new faces as well,” said Grace McGuffin.

With a small staff of employees, including  Grace, Mia, Kit, Austyn, Valerie and Vanessa, OTG serves the public by making drinks and preparing food as well as providing excellent customer service by answering any questions and making sure the customer’s needs are met.

“ I can’t express how amazing my employees are. They are so kind, hardworking and do their jobs very well. We wouldn’t be where we are now without them!” exclaimed McGuffin.

The main business emphasis is providing excellent coffee, pastries  and brunch. OTG provides numerous drink types that can be made hot, iced and frozen, with over 30 flavor options as well. There are several brunch options and in-house baked pastries, all to satisfy the taste buds.

“At On the Grind cafe our mission is to be the heartbeat of Belton by providing the best specialty coffee and brunch with exceptional service. Our goal is to connect with everyone and bring our community together, one cup of coffee at a time!” added McGuffin.

Accomplishing that task is easy as the staff and proprietors  know the recipes inside and out and stay consistent in  providing excellent coffee, brunch, hospitality, and service.

While most people would consider stopping by in the morning hours to pick up a cup of Joe along with a tantalizing pastry to get their day going, OTG also offers a delicious brunch cooked to order throughout the day. Everything is fresh and made to the highest quality!

OTG has become the place for friends, family, and business partners to gather, with good reason.

“The community of Belton is so important to us. This town was so welcoming and has supported us every step of the way. Getting to know everyone that walks through our doors and connecting with them on a daily basis has been so heartwarming,”  stated McGuffin.

Located at 105 N Main, OTG encourages everyone to drop by during business hours  Monday through Saturday, 7 AM – 2 PM, or call for take out at 864-392-1005. Look for specialty announcements on the Facebook page.

“We are very thankful for the community that we are in. We are excited to see what the future holds for OTG,” said McGuffin.

And Belton Alliance is excited to be recognizing On the Grind as its Business of the Quarter.  Go check out the latest offerings!

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