Business of the Month

Earth Materials Grading

Moving dirt to level building sites, clearing unusable land and making it profitable, creating beautiful streetscapes, and cutting roads to new destinations—these are the hallmarks of the work performed by this month’s Belton Alliance Business of the Month.

Earth Materials Grading, Inc., is a local business owned and operated by Lee and Michael Gilreath in Anderson, SC.  These two brothers began the business in August 1996.

In everything the brothers do, they make sure the company follows its mission statement:  to provide high quality construction services with an emphasis on safety and value, and to develop customer relationships based on honesty and dependability.

The business employs 11 full time employees.  Lee Gilreath as president of the company controls the billing and bidding processes and Michael Gilreath oversees the field work.  Both, however, are multi-taskers, doing everything from shoveling dirt to driving the dump trucks, from visiting a site to prepare a bid to hopping on a bulldozer to topple a tree root. The brothers do whatever is needed for a job to be completed.

Weston Gilreath, who recently graduated from Clemson University, has come on board to be the first second-generation operator/estimator for the company.  It is Lee and Michael’s hope that the rest of their children will have the opportunity to be employed by Earth Materials Grading.

Donna Finley runs the office, and field and equipment operators include Donnie Dooley, Austin Miller, Tony Moore, Travis Vaughn, Dale Gunnells,  Nicc Varner and Josh Holden.  All of these team members play a vital role in the success of Earth Materials Grading.  They each have a great work ethic and strive for excellence in all areas of each project.

The company’s  scope of work includes but is not limited to road work  for city, county, and state contracts,  commercial grading, streetscapes, demolition, clearing and grubbing (root clearing), site excavation, erosion control and storm drainage.

“We are proud of all of our projects, but the projects that help communities thrive are the most rewarding,” stated President Lee Gilreath.

They have been intimately involved in Belton’s new Rail Trail project. Michael, especially, has offered leadership in pushing the project forward.

When asked why, he explained:   “Our company has been involved in creating streetscapes in other municipalities, and I saw firsthand what a difference those trails made  in the overall attractiveness of the towns, but also in the development of new businesses.  Because of seeing the successes elsewhere, we wanted to do something that encouraged Belton’s economic growth and quality of life for its citizens.  The Walking Trail was a prime project that we had the resources to be able to help complete.”

Lee and Michael grew up in this area and want to be involved in making Belton a place where their kids will want to come back to the city that they love.  Beautifying the city and supporting the non-profits in the area who offer cultural activities show they put in their muscle and monetary resources to ensure this happens.

Although most contracts they complete are commercial, county and municipal bids, they also work on smaller projects.  If you need any of their services, contact Lee or Michael at 864-296-4488 or by email at [email protected].

“Their commitment to the community, their willingness to use their equipment and manpower to help, and their strong business success is why we named Earth Materials Grading, Inc., this month’s Belton Alliance Business of the Month,” stated Belton Alliance President Greg Tysl.

Congratulations to this month’s Belton Alliance Business of the Month


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