Business of the Month

Edward Jones

“Everyone deserves to have access to the most solid financial planning and advice, regardless of their financial situation,” says Carlton O. Hoskins, financial advisor at Edward Jones, this quarter’s spotlight on business partners of the Belton Alliance.

A business on the square for the last three years,  Edward Jones and its staff have built a sturdy reputation with people and families all over the area.

“We have two main focuses for our firm,” said Hoskins.   “One is to help all local Belton residents achieve wealth creation, generation, longevity, and legacy. We work to help our clients grow their assets not only to achieve their goals, but also to work with them to build a plan that encompasses their lifetimes and leaves a legacy for their heirs.

“The second is to help all businesses in the local area provide affordable, growth focused, company specific retirement plans that not only help prepare employees for retirement, but also have a beneficial cost structure for the company that uses our services.”

Anyone can make an appointment with Hoskins, and he and his office assistant Tammy Roberts, will sit down and give clients individually specialized financial plans built on deep, honest conversations about all aspects of their personal and financial life.

“By doing so, we can help our clients successfully achieve their short and long term financial, educational, retirement, estate, and legacy planning needs and goals while ensuring that everything is done in the clients’ best interest,” added Hoskins.

Edward Jones engages its customers through communicating and receiving feedback. The staff routinely meets with and speaks with clients in person, by phone, or thru zoom to ensure every need and concern is addressed.

One special service the financial company offers is a free monthly online seminar. Hoskins posts a link thru his Linked-in page so clients can watch these seminars live or access a replay.

“A big part of my practice is educating my clients. The more you know about what I do, the more you will understand why I make my specific suggestions,”  he says.  “These seminars help to educate my clients on all types of investments and market analyses.”

And Belton is just the place for a financial advising company like Edward Jones.  “Belton is a global community that stays rooted in the word ‘Community.’ There are multiple companies in Belton during business all over the U.S. and globally, while at the same time keeping the feel of a small town.  I really like that I can be a part of that,” said Hoskins.

“I choose to work in Belton because I want to provide the much-needed big firm services to the people and businesses of Belton,” he added.

Call him at 864-392-1770 for an appointment or drop by to say hello at 312 City Square between the hours of 8:30and 5, Monday through Friday.

“Working together, we can help you develop a complete, tailored strategy to help you achieve wealth, right here at home,” advised Hoskins.


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