Belton Alliance Community Meeting Monday, November 14

The Belton Alliance is hosting a meeting for the Belton community to introduce an exciting project for our area…..a trail to connect Anderson and Belton and tie into the existing Bubblegum Trail!  The meeting will also include the announcement of a seed grant to get the project started.  Learn more about this exciting project for our area.

Belton Alliance President Rex Maynard said:  “We will be sharing information on a project that can have a major positive impact on Belton.  It’s one of the most exciting proposals for our community I’ve heard.  Belton needs to get excited about this as our city government and leaders work with Anderson County and City of Anderson officials to support it and make it happen.  It’s something we’ve been hoping for a long time, and the chances of it happening are real.  One of the most exciting parts about it is a seed grant that has already been received to study the feasibility and begin engineering plans.  Just like with the Bubblegum Rail Trail, we already have an abandoned rail line that connects Anderson and Belton.  We’re looking for a big crowd as we build excitement about this project.”

The presentation will last no more than an hour and light refreshments will be served.

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