Alliance Provides Report On Rail Trail To SCPRT

The Belton Alliance provided the following report to the South Carolina Departments of Parks, Recreation & Tourism on February 3 to account for the $100,000 grant received in 2019.

February 3, 2020

Yvette Sistare

Finance Director

South Carolina Department PRT

1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 517

Columbia, S. C. 29201

Dear Ms. Sistare:

I am writing in reference to the $100,000 PRT grant we received in November, 2018 to assist with the Belton Rail Trail.  Since Phase I of the project is complete and we have begun Phase II, we are ready to provide you with a report on our progress since all PRT funds have been spent.

Below is information regarding the performance measures detailed in question #2 on the application.  As we noted planning began in 2015 and work began in May, 2018.  Much of the work on Phase I of the Rail Trail was completed and funded prior to receipt of the PRT grant funds in November, 2018.  Below is a list of items completed in 2019 after the receipt of your funding:

  • Lighting fixtures for Phase I were ordered and installed.
  • Concrete footers and brick work were completed around the exercise equipment located at the trail head and near Terry Martin Field.
  • Landscaping was completed and trees were planted along Phase I.
  • Phase II of the project began in early fall to include fill dirt, crushed stone and asphalt to cover approximately half of the remaining trail.

We will receive a $100,000 grant from a local company which will provide funding for everything in Phase II of the Rail Trail except lighting.  This will include a bridge to go along a rail line under Highway 20 (North Main Street) which will allow the trail to continue to Leda Poore Park.

The Belton Alliance has agreed to fund a sign beside the trail as you enter town on North Main Street.  We expect everything except the lighting in Phase II of the project to be completed by this fall.

Enclosed are:

  • A financial statement 12/1/17 through 12/31/19 showing all income and expenses for the Rail Trail project and a financial statement dated 2/1/18 through 12/31/19 showing the income and expenses for the Rail Trail project since receipt of the PRT grant. It is important to note that much of the work has been done as in-kind donations by several local companies and Anderson County.  The values of these in-kind donations are not included in the financial statements enclosed.
  • Pictures of the trail.
  • Trail Ribbon Cutting, May, 2018
  • Early grading and construction
    Early grading and construction
    Anderson County installs the asphalt on Phase I
    Asphalt down on the trailhead
    Hattie Green Bench at the Trailhead
    Exercise equipment near the trail head
    Volunteer work day on the trail
    Michelle McCollum with the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor presents a $25,000 match grant for the trail
    Senator Mike Gambrell and Representative Jay West present a $100,000 South Carolina PRT Grant
    Landscaping and lighting on Phase I
    Fencing on Phase I
    Bench donated by the Belton Lions Club, exercise equipment and landscaping beside Terry Martin Field in Phase I
    Trail at night-Phase I
    Phase II begins with asphalt and some landscaping to Calhoun Road

    Work continues on Phase II

We are excited to see the progress we have made and to learn about the additional funding we will receive to complete the project.  The Belton Rail Trail will add to our community and be a catalyst for future improvements and growth.  We are seeing many people use the new trail.  I was on the trail yesterday to take some of the enclosed pictures and found it to be pleasant walk.  During my walk I passed a number of walkers and joggers!  South Carolina PRT can feel confident your funds were invested wisely!

Please let me know if you need anything else.  Many thanks to South Carolina PRT, Senator Mike Gambrell and Representative Jay West for your support of this project and the Belton Community!


Rex Maynard, Treasurer

Cc:  Kevin Craft, Belton Alliance President                              Mayor Tiffany Ownbey

Michael Gilreath, Rail Trail Committee Chair                  City Manager Alan Sims

Senator Mike Gambrell                                                        Representative Jay West

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