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A local bank that’s just right, Park Sterling Bank

There have been three versions of the Belton Bank.  The first one opened in 1899 and was absorbed by the SC National (eventually Wells Fargo) network.  Another opened its doors in the 1950’s and eventually became BB and T.  Out of the latest re-creation, formed by local citizens in the 1990’s, the Belton Bank became Park Sterling in December of 2011, giving this four-state regional bank a foothold in Belton.

Park Sterling Bank was founded in 2006 to provide customers in the Southeast with a viable alternative to what can be limited resources offered by small community banks and the limited flexibility of large national banks.

Just like Goldilocks found in the Three Bears story, “It’s not too big; it’s not too small; it’s just right.”

The group serving its customers at Park Sterling, located at 717 Anderson Street, includes Matt Mundy/Branch Manager, Dana Fisher/BSA Compliance Officer, Joseph Brice/Area Retail Manager, Phillip Kesler/Financial Advisor, Brenda Masters/Relationship Banker and a host of friendly tellers.

With seven employees at the Belton branch, Park Sterling has the right person to assist clients with their financial needs, whether wanting to open a checking and/or savings account or seeking assistance with wealth management, mortgage lending, or business banking services.

According to Matt Mundy, Branch Manager, the success of this strong bank in our community is the following:  “Our commitment is to be large enough to have all of the tools to allow our customers the ability to achieve their financial goals and small enough to care that they do.”

Part of that dedication to the community and its stakeholders is offering free financial education to those who live and work in Belton.

“We do this through our Sterling at Work (SAW) program and FinStrong program.  Both serve as community outreach financial wellness programs,” added Joseph Brice.

Any company, regardless of whether they are Park Sterling clients, can utilize the Sterling at Work (SAW) program.

“We offer budgeting seminars, credit seminars, etc . that provide financial education on whatever topic that the company thinks will best benefit their staff.  And we just launched our FinStrong program which provides an interactive way for those who participate to be educated on sound financial pillars that will hopefully help them take control of their money and become financially strong,” explained Mundy.

Another big part of SAW is to provide help to those who bank with Park Sterling.  For example, if a customer has a pay roll direct deposit from a participating SAW company, he/she is  eligible for a SAW checking account, which does not have monthly fees or require a minimum balance.  Furthermore, any client with a SAW account has their ATM expense fees waived at any ATM machine across the country.

“Savings is also heavily encouraged, so we offer a savings account without any minimum balance requirement or monthly charge.  Customers also have free access to 360, which is a helpful tool that allows them to view all of their bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, etc.  together in one place.  It tracks their spending and segments where that money is going, so customers can create a budget that best suits them.  We also include things like free credit monitoring, free credit report with score every 90 days and loan discounts,“ said Mundy.

As a bank committed to its community, Park Sterling will be offering a financial wellness seminar for teens at the Belton Depot on Saturday, April 1 .  This two-hour long interactive seminar will be available for teens from ages 15 – 19.  Please call 864-338-2265 to sign up for the program.  At the end of the session, all participants will be entered for a chance to win a gift card.

“It’s amazing how many young adults that I’ve come across who made some mistakes when they were 18 to 20 because they simply had no idea how  something like not paying their cell phone bill would negatively impact them.  They didn’t understand that a decision like that could one day prevent them from being able to buy a house, get a decent insurance rate, etc.  So any opportunity that we have to assist with financial education we take,”  said Mundy.

“This is why we are excited about offering this seminar to the community’s teens.”

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